Each of us

Fiona Dowling (France/Ireland) tells folktales, world tales, love tales, and stories from her own colourful childhood spent between Ireland and France. Her favourite stories are ones that combine mystery, wisdom and humour. She was recently a featured teller at the Mohill Storytelling Festival in Leitrim.

Eléonore Nicolas (France) cultivates words with the same attention as a gardener looks after his plot. She delicately picks out details from everyday life and mixes them with her own witty perspective to craft small stories, which delight and inspire her audiences. She spreads her stories like seeds in the hope that they will grow and color people’s life.

 Michael Phelan (Ireland) tells stories because he enjoys bringing people on a journey into another reality. Stories for him, are a life-force all on their own and can in ways, we do not know, shape peoples’ destinies. He likes to tell stories with a bit of fun in them, and that have a twist and turn in them that capture and evoke you. Above all he enjoys telling you a story that speaks to you.

Simone Schuemmelfeder is a storyteller, writer and teacher from Germany who aims to bridge the gap between an old tradition and the modern world. In her story sessions she combines traditional German folktales with modern short stories, urban legends, crime mysteries and tales of romance and adventure. Simone is fascinated by the enchantment that stories can bring into everyday life. For her telling stories is deeply connected with the power of imagination and she hopes that the vivid and vibrant images in her stories help her listeners to picture the story in their mind and create their very own story.

Nina Tanis (USA) hopes that somewhere between her telling and her audience listening is a space that allows for suspension of time and place. To reach this spot is to reach the truer self. She brings you to this place with tales of man and child, love and luck, behavior and attitude, kingdoms and castles, seeking and finding...or not, so that we may be entertained while contemplating our humanity; reflecting on whom we are, who we may wish to be or hope never to become.

Adam Wilson (Ireland) likes to tell tales where things and people are often not quite what they seem to be. His formal training as a clown has perpetuated his natural skill in eliciting riotous laughter from his audience while telling seemingly very "ordinary" tales. A keen ear for the vernacular gives Adam great power as a creator and raconteur of vivid, entertaining dialogue. Let Adam's masterful telling and tongue- in- cheek style weave their magic, bringing you to an unusual country far far away...yet...strangely familiar.

Boaz Zur (Israel,Ireland) tells stories from around the world. He brings the variety of cultures including short stories, folktales, myth, wonder and likes to use spices and to inspire. He tells personal stories and stories that he wrote. He delivers stories in many images so that the listeners listen with all their senses. In some of his performances he incorporates music, movement and drama combined with a musician, where the audience are interactive. He loves the oral tradition and facilitates workshops where people are encouraged to share stories, poems, songs, music and more.